Why Simplify?
Simplicity Parenting
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Why Simplicity Parenting?

Parents who take steps along this pathway to simplify their homes and their schedules, to introduce more predictable rhythms, and to filter out concerns which children are not yet able to cope with, find that their children:

  • Are calmer and happier
  • Do better socially and emotionally
  • Are more focused at school
  • Find it easier to comply with family rules
  • Become less picky eaters

These parents also find that they themselves:

  • Have a clearer picture of what they value as parents.
  • Are more united with each other in their parenting.
  • Have more time and energy for connection, relaxation and fun.

Another way to look at it is this:

  1. All of us are quirky; that is, we all have our certain funny ways of dealing with this world that make us who we are.
  2. Add too much stress, as today's culture so often does, and these quirks can distort into troubled behaviors or even disorders.
  3. Decrease the ambient level of stress and most disorders will relax back to quirks.
  4. Then we have the power to let our quirkiness shine thru as the gift it really is.
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